Commander Micro-Mars. Childrens Book. Colored Pencil.

Illustration for a children’s manga workshop. Kulturrucksack NRW. Marker.

Storyboard for „Gondola“, a movie by Veit Helmer. 90 min. 600 Illustrations. Pencil, Marker.

Illustration for a childrens book. Swans (Cygnus).

Illustration for a childrens book. Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica).

Illustration for a childrens book. Flying Fish (Exocoetidae).

Illustration for a Childrens Book. Der Erbsenzähler (bean counter).

Illustration for a Childrens Book. Rook (Corvus frugilegus). Colored Pencil.

Illustration for a Childrens Book. Rook (Corvus frugilegus). Pencil.

Horse. Colored Pencil.

Concept Sketch. Light-Screen on Renault Master. Phantasialand. Pencil.

Elephant. Colored Pencil.

Koala. Colored Pencil.

Color and Hair Study. Wallaby. Colored Pencil.

Color Study. Lions Head. Colored Pencil.

Leg Soup. Sketches. Pencil.

Bodypart. Colored Pencil.

Character Design. Der gestiefelte Zwerg (cf. Puss in Boots). Pencil.

Character Design. Colored Pencil. Yogastudio.

Character Design. Colored Pencil. Digital. Pharmacy.

Mercedes W114/W115. Sketches.

Storyboard. ag4 mediatecture company. Metro AG.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Sketch.

Slaughterhouse Bochum. Blood Paintings.

Syrian Woman. Sketch.

Mr. Albert. Colored Pencil. Chalk.

Wandering Elk. Sketch.

Bug. Sketch.

Alligator. Sketch.

Skull. Sketch. Pencil.